British-Filipino launches mobile app to improve Philippine emergency preparedness

Another Cup of Coffee Limited, a London-based web development company, aims to improve emergency preparedness in the Philippines with the launch of Emergency Plan for iPhone. The app is a simple tool designed to store an emergency plan for an earthquake, flood, typhoon or similar event. Valuable for families who want to ensure their households are prepared to handle a crisis, it can also be used by employers to issue staff with company emergency procedures.

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CloudFone Excite 400dx: CloudFone’s Affordable Interchangeable Battery Smartphone

CloudFone Excite 400dx boosts extra battery packs!

Last year in 2013, while the smartphone industry was being bombarded by more and more cores, bigger and bigger screens, and other wonderful specs, CloudFone shook the ground by heading towards the direction often overlooked, but has always been a great concern for most: Battery Life. Although stronger specs are important, they’ll be of no use once your battery runs out.

CloudFone Excite 400dx

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