Online Balance ATM Inquiry: How to use Bancnet’s Online Banking Facility

Bancnet’s Online Balance ATM Inquiry: The preferred choice for today’s checking money transactions and balances online – No Fees required!

Banks nowadays on a standard basis conduct mostly of their business routine commonly what we call  the “online balance atm inquiry,” or online bank transactions, these services are very popular among savyy users, business oriented individuals on travel trips – in turn, embrace, use the  internet for e-commerce, merchant related chores, more importantly payment processing.  Online balance atm inquiry on the other hand – is perhaps the convenient, faster  and secure way of checking, sending, receiving, performing payment, routine transactions online. The positive feedback we can get of these services enumerated as follows, you can add your own suggestion among the lists below, whichever you prefer.
online balance atm inquiry
1. less hassles – no need to go the bank (physical presence, check attendance) to make withdrawals unless when needed.
2. pay bills fast without going long queue lines. Imagine waiting for an hour can drives can nuts!
3. savings in fare transportation you’re scrimping on a tight budget and in a real hurry. (loose bills and coins can safely go and fill up the piggy bank as savings for emergency purposes!)
4. stress and hassle free for busy individuals on the go, ie; telecommuters, stay at the convenience of their home doing online jobs requiring no or less interruptions.
5. financial freedom – money within easy reach anywhere you go, enjoy without worrying too much on basic living expenses.

My Opinion
In addition, the banking services of Bancnet provides is better compared to other banking facility like Megalink, (some handful, or big names in the banking industry – imho, have either moved, transferred or migrated to better banking services like Bancnet, as you can see, banks are lining up almost filling the the entire browser screen) – this online banking facility offers a wide variety of services and choices that fits to your needs, you can choose either from; bill payments categorically in arranged order for seamless menu navigation – such as utilities, electricity, phone etc. BEST OF ALL – the service is absolutely FREE! – no signup/registration/transaction fees other additional bank charges, inquiring online thru the internet with your laptop, gadgets, any computing device, as to compared going to bank’s atm machine kiosk,  (bank’s atm machine can charge a minimal, service amount, other related fees also vary from inquires to withdrawals depending on the bank you’re in.)

Since most of you might be aware, let me remind you a bit, these banks offering these online bank transactions are already in existence or are in place more than we know, that’s it, let me share to you step by step, on how to use the online banking facility, let’s make your busy and hectic schedules worry and stress free. Here we go!

The online bank service I’m going to demonstrate and use right now is the Philippine Veterans Bank online banking atm facility:

Step 1
In your browser of choice, ie: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, make sure you have any download and installed, when done, then go to Bancnet Online.

Step 2
Choose any bank, and click the bank of your choice – I select Philippine Veterans Bank. You’ll be greeted with a security message, don’t worry its the bank’s security feature to protect against phishing and fraudulent transactions. Click CONTINUE.

Step 3
The Veterans Bank Online splash/popup screen loads up, click I Agree

Step 4
Enter card details like your ATM Card Number, choose Account Type-Savings, key in your ATM PIN (Caution: Don’t let anybody see your ATM PIN, cover it), click submit. Note: these card details can be found in-front or back portion of your plastic atm card. (enter card numbers without the dashes or hypen)

Step 5
You can now see your Savings Account balance in real-time, or do perform intrabank fund transfer to any banks of your choice if allowed, mobile banking etc.

When you’re done reviewing the amount or transaction details you can print it for you to have a hard copy, for security purpose and safe keeping, always bear in mind to always log-out when you’re finished transacting with your bank and close your browser when you’re done.

To wrap things ups – Online Balance ATM Inquiry reviews will coming up soon! Stay tuned for updates!

This is not a paid post, nor product endorsement, advertisement, advertorials or any kind, or sorts sponsored by any third parties, ie, banking and money lending institutions, among others.

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